posted on 15.12.08 Two ways of bussing

We said that, in principle at least, the bus was made for fifteen- to twenty-year-olds. There are, you see, two ways of engaging with a bus: you either see it as a box with something inside and start looking for what it signifies. And you annotate and interpret and question, and blog about the bus, and so on and on.

Or there’s the other way: you see the bus as a little non-signifying machine, and the only question is “Does it work, and how does it work?” How does it work for you? If it doesn’t work, if nothing comes through, you try another bus. This second way of engaging is intensive: something comes through or it doesn’t. There’s nothing to explain, nothing to understand, nothing to interpret. It’s like plugging in to an electric circuit.

A bus is a little cog in much more complicated external machinery. Discourse is one flow among others, with no special place in relation to the others, that comes into relations of current, countercurrent, and eddy with other flows-flows of shit, sperm, words, action, eroticism, money, politics, and so on.

posted on 11.11.08
“While it was stationed in Bolzano during the summer, it was left with some spray cans inside. When we arrived again, we had noticed that someone had taken these and spraypainted the outside of the bus. I a very ugly manner I have to add. Now, as artists we had several choices in this situation. We could have kept the spraypaint, talking about how the people now had truly interacted with the art. But this would have been to fetischise authenticity. What we did I think was much better, we also remodified the bus. Removed some paint, added other, filled in some earlier paintings and generally made it look much better from our point of view. In this way we claimed just the same control over the art as the people with the spray cans had claimed. It was only our position as artists that made it possible to do this after the exhibition was closed and therefor have the final “word”. The artist has an information advantage over the public in relation to the art.”

Monki commenting on Copyriot, regarding the cliché of “art in public space”

Posing in from of by the pirate bus. Photo: Dario Omerdic posted on 07.11.08

Posing in from of by the pirate bus. Photo: Dario Omerdic

posted on 06.11.08

Public performance and play completed in the middle of the middle of Belgrade, featuring an orthodox priest, mix tapes, the bus, Vlidi in the Kopimi folk costume, three flute-playing men in Serbian folk costume, video screening, ourselves in white costumes, and loads of children copying us, and ourselves copying them, etc.

Total success!

(Pictures and video to come soon.)

posted on 06.11.08 Status update:

After a long journey from Ljubljana and some problems at the serbian border we are now parked in the middle of the middle in Belgrad. Tonight the bus will open for the public so if you are in Belgrad, come to Trg Republica tonight!

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